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The Stewarts in Scotland are essentially a Lowland Family with Highland and Island offshoots, and it was Robert II who consolidated the achievements of his Royal grandfather, Robert the Bruce. The Stewarts were also a remarkably prolific family and spawned innumerable offspring, legitimate and otherwise. Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl (d.1298) for example, had seven sons, among them Alexander, Earl of Angus, Alan, Earl of Lennox, Walter, ancestor of the earls of Galloway, and James, ancestor of the earls of Buchan and Traquair, as well as the Lords of Lorne and Innermeath. Since the demise of the Lennox Branch, the earls of Galloway have been regarded as the senior representatives of the ancient line of the High Stewards of Scotland.


Some of the septs of Galloway are: Carmechele Carmichael Carmichaill Carmichel Carmichell Carmigell Carmighell Carmitely Carmychale Carmychall Carmychel Carmychell Cayrmichel Cayrmichell Cree Gallaway Gallouay Galloway Gallowaye Gallowey Galoway Galowey Kermychell MacGillemhicheil MacGillemichael MacGillemichel MacGillemitchell MacGillemithel MacGillimichael MacGillmichell MacGillmitchell MacGilmichal MacGilmichel MacIlmichael MacIlmichaell MacIlmichall MacIlmichell MacKillimichael MacKillmichaell MacKilmichael MacKilmichel MacMichael MacMicheil MacMichell MacMitchel MacMitchell MacMychel MacMychele MacOlmichaell Makgillemichell Makgilmichel Makmychell

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