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Stewart of Atholl

Blair Castle with Atholl Highlanders on parade
Stewarts of Atholl are directly descended from one of the most notorious Stewarts of the fourteenth century Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan, more commonly known as 'The Wolf of Badenoch'. Alexander is most widely known for leading the raid which led to the burning of Elgin Cathedral in 1391. Later he built his stronghold the Castle of Garth and settled there. The descendants of Alexander Stewart became known as Athollmen and gave their allegiance to the new Murray Earls of Atholl.


Some of Atholl's Septs are: Camach Camacha Conachar Conacher Concher Connachar Connacher Duilach Galashan Glashan Glass Gray Grey MacGilleglash MacGlashan MacGlashen MacGlashin MacGlassan MacGlassin MacGlasson MacIlleglass MacLglesson Steuarde Steuart Steuarte Steward Stewart Stiuard Stiubhard Stiward Stuard Stuarde Stuart Stuerd Stuward

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